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Welcome to Team Triumph Texas Home of Mabry Racing and
the World’s Fastest Triumphs!

It is with the greatest regret and sorrow that we report the passing of Ed Mabry.
Ed passed away from a fall at his race shop, the
Headquarters of Team Triumph Texas on Friday, May 13, 2011.

Ed Mabry is one of the select few whose name will always be synonymous with Bonneville Speed Week.  His record of racing successes is both long and exemplary.  Ed is sorely missed and will never be forgotten.

(1932 - 2011)

The NTNOA has made Ed Mabry's Guest Book permanently available for your comments and viewing.
[Click here for Ed's Guest Book]

There was a "Friends of Ed Mabry" gathering at Up 'n Smoke BBQ House in Keller on Sunday, May 22, from 11:00AM - 4:00PM.  Many told "Mabry Stories".

The Memorial Service was held at 3:30PM, Monday, May 23rd at Memorial Park Funeral Chapel, 8525 Mid Cities Blvd. (Near Davis Blvd.) North Richland Hills.

The service was informal and casual, Ed would have wanted it that way!  We did not mourn his death, rather we celebrated his incredible life.  A table was set up for all our racing memorabilia related to Ed and his racer friends.

After the Memorial Service there was a motorcycle ride to another "Friends of Ed Mabry" gathering at Up 'n Smoke BBQ House for those unable to attend on Sunday or wanted to go to both.

Ed’s racing career spans the late 40’s when he was racing his Whizzer to present day at the Bonneville Salt Flats…and a lot in between…
This includes street racing in Alvarado, Texas and a Texas Top Fuel Championship in 1962. And professional racing at drag strips like Green Valley and Caddo Mills, Texas; Bakersfield and Pomona, California; Indianapolis, Indiana; Bristol, Tennessee and others all over the United States. And some late night testing of Top Fuel cars on a certain street in Arlington, Texas!
A pioneer in professional drag racing, milestones include developing safety drag chutes along with Bill Simpson and Jim Diest; and especially developing rear engine Top Fuel cars along with his rival and friend Don Garlits.  This major design change has saved the lives for countless drivers and paved the way for the 4 second ET’s and over 300 MPH speeds of today’s dragsters.  Ed was a founding member of the Specialty Equipment Market Association's (SEMA) Chassis Rules Committee in the late '60's.  Ed built top fuel and funny car chassis for race teams from the late '50's until the mid '70's.  Ed was inducted into the Texas Drag Racing Hall of Fame in 2000 at Texas Raceway.

In the 70’s and 80’s Ed and friend Lee Manis (and later David Wade) formed Team Triumph Texas and built Triumph race bikes. Closely aligned with Jack Wilson of Big ‘D’ Cycle, they set a multitude of drag race and land speed records. Ed built turbocharged fuel-burning Triumph Trident engines that make a LOT of horsepower…and the chassis that would handle them. Star rider Jon Minonno was five-time national road racing champion, two-time national Pro Mod drag racing champion and member of the exclusive Bonneville 200 MPH Club.
Ed’s motorcycles have set 15 different World Land Speed records Bonneville. His masterpiece, No. 601, holds class records exceeding 238, 224 and 213 MPH and a highest unofficial one-way speed of over 261 MPH. At three-quarter throttle! It is the fastest “pushrod” motorcycle in the world.
In 2003 No. 601, Ed, Jon, David and Team Triumph Texas were on their way to a tremendous qualifying run and potential new record, when they experienced an oil fire at over 240 MPH.

As a result of his many land speed racing accomplishments, Ed was inducted into the Dry Lakes Racing Hall of Fame in Buellton, California in September of 2004.

Ed was a retired Bell Helicopter Engineering Manager, machinist, welder, race car and bike designer and fabricator, and was a United States Air Force pilot training to fly jet fighters in Korea when that war ended. He was also a thinker, philosopher, humorist and long time supporter of the North Texas Norton Owners Association and its members.

Ed was the Grand Marshall for the NTNOA's 19th annual rally.

The Newest Race Bike is 605.  It raced in the 750cc Pushrod Blown Fuel Category

Willie G Davidson visits Ed

605 on the salt last year.

604 at Bonneville

Ed and three of his Bonneville racers at the 2007 International Motorcycle Show, 9-1 Nov.

Photos courtesy of Paul Valentine

The tradition started in 1955 with a World Land Speed Record of 193.3mph, followed by an unofficial record of 214.7mph in 1956. Although not their first (or last!) Bonneville outings, these were the best known efforts of the Stormy Mangum-Jack Wilson-Johnny Allen streamliner known as "The Devil’s Arrow" and later "The Texas Cee-Gar". Not bad for a normally aspirated 650cc Thunderbird!

The tradition continues with Team Triumph Texas (TTT), a direct descendent of the great Team that beat the world in 1955 and gave the Triumph Bonneville it’s name - arguably the best known marque and model of all time.

A 1978 Triumph ad exclaimed "Triumph’s have been setting records on the Bonneville salt longer than most motorcycle companies have been in business!" Even more true today.

For many years, Triumph was truly the "World’s Fastest Motorcycle". They are still "World’s Fastest" in a number of vintage, pushrod and "heads-up" class records at Bonneville. Many have been set by Team Triumph Texas, including the SCTA certified, but unofficial record for the "World’s Fastest Real Motorcycle" of 256.264mph in 1992! A "real" motorcycle being one you ride rather than drive, and that you ride on rather than in. This dual-engine, early Triumph triple powered, turbocharged, fuel burning, 400+bhp, partial-streamliner (No. 601) was the TTT "flagship". The 256 run was at "only" 70% throttle and we’re still trying hard for 100%!

The newest project was aimed straight at the record for the fastest 1000cc class motorcycle in the world, and frankly, making a big splash for Triumph. Not vintage. Not pushrod. Just the fastest. The new bike (No. 604) is a single engine, turbocharged, fuel burning, 200+bhp, partial streamliner with (you guessed it)...a late model Triumph engine. It is not a modified street bike, but a total race shop special. It first competed in the 1998 Bonneville National Speed Week. The record for this class was 211.698 mph set in 1990 by a BMW. We beat it with two runs of 216 and 210 for an average speed of 213 mph.

Bonneville 1992 - Fastest Pushrod Motorcycle awarded to:
Jack Wilson / David Wade / Ed Mabry
Class: APS-ABF-3000 Speed: 250.623 mph

One of the dry/erase boards in Ed's shop.

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